Naturopathic Medicine for the Whole Person

The stethoscope as a tool of medicine

As a medical office, we specialize in treat and curing chronic disorders in men and women.  More important, though, is "how" we practice.  

We take our time with each patient.  We talk with you, not to you.  

We find that many patients are treated by their doctors as if they are incapable of understanding the complexities of their condition, and we completely disagree.  We will take the time to explain not only what is going on with you, but also the various options for treatment and cure.

We respect both the traditional and 'modern' ways of treating disease.  Deciding which treatment is best depends on you - your needs, your health, your expectations.  Sometimes, the best treatment option may be something as simple as a botanical tincture; however, when illnesses are more demanding, more significant treatments may be required.

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