Dr. Don Selvey is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, specializing in preventing and curing chronic diseases, as well as treating acute healthcare issues and performing well-checks of men and women. 

We pride ourselves on taking the time to know you and to find out how we can best meet your personal health and wellness needs.

If you are looking for medical care that is personalized for you and your health goals, this is the place for you!​

Schedule an appointment online, text/call us at 602-566-2015.

Now Accepting New Patients at Our New Location

We have relocated the office to: Apex Medical Group

4955 S. Alma School Road,

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Chandler, Arizona 85248

"You made us feel very important. You answered all our questions.

We love ya!"

NA and MA

Dear Dr. S -

Words cannot describe your kind support and recommendation, which has improved my life on many levels.

In addition to neuropathic relief, I am able to cope with PTSD-related symptoms.

You are my hero!  Thank you!!!

Very best regards,


Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 9:30 - 6:00

Saturday: 9:30 - 12:00 

Sunday: Closed

Patient Testimonials

Non-surgical Weight Loss

  •    hCG

Men's Health

  •   Prostate Health
  •   Testosterone Replacement
  •   Erectile Dysfunction
  •   Muscle Strain/Sprain

Women's  Health

  •   Hormone          Replacement Therapy​
  •   Reproductive Health/Birth     Control
  •   PAP, HPV and Breast check
  •   Genital Warts
  • ​  PCOS
  •   ​Fibromyalgia
  •   Migraine Headache


  •   Sports Physicals from $30

Food Allergy Testing

We are not Medicare or AHCCCS providers.

We do not bill insurance for our services; however, your insurance provider may cover related expenses, such as prescriptions or imaging.

If you do not have health insurance, we'll work it out.

(602) 566-2015

Health Insurance

New Patients

We provide an initial consultation for only $45.00. If we don't have confidence we can help you to achieve better health and a better quality of life, we'll waive the fee.